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From Simone Pierazzini <>
Subject [collections]
Date Mon, 26 Jul 2004 10:39:13 GMT
hi all,
I looked for a Java quad-tree implementation but I didn't find any free (ie. 
open source) or compatible with the JDK Collections Framework.
So I decided to develop one myself.
I've developed a Map extension: this Map is a specialized version whose keys 
are Point (java.awt.Point). Basically it is a standard Map that contains an 
extra method to retrieve all entries contained in a Rectangle passed as a 
parameter to the method:
The Syntax for the new Method is:

  Iterator get (Rectangle r);

I've developed a quad-tree based implementation, and a junit test case (not 
completed yet).
My question is: are you interested in including these classes in 

Simone Pierazzini

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