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From Marc Lustig <>
Subject [digester] how to use peek() to get object from top of stack ? bug??
Date Mon, 05 Jul 2004 16:50:53 GMT

I'm having trouble to use peek() to get the object from top of the stack.

I say 


Alright, peek() is returning the object from the stack properly. 

Now I add another object to the stack:

digester.addObjectCreate("pattern", TemplateMappingEntity.class);

... and now peek() is NOT giving me back an instance of TemplateMappingEntity!

WHY ?   (of course the pattern exists)

I tried also using a factory to add an object to the stack:

digester.addFactoryCreate("pattern", new MappingEntityFactory());

In this case as well peek() is NOT returning the instance that is delivered by 
the createObject() method of my factory.

What is wrong with the peek() method??
How can I get the object that is on top of the stack?


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