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From "Thomas Joseph Olaes" <>
Subject [FileUpload] High-level API... does this work with multipart/form-data as well?
Date Fri, 23 Jul 2004 18:22:42 GMT
Hello List,

I just realized I had another question, in the javadoc it indicates that
the high level APIs (FileUpload, FileUploadBase, DiskFileUpload) all
work with encoding type "multipart/mixed", but I was wondering if these
apis worked with "multipart/form-data" as well. I tried looking at the
user guide and was running into the problem of the List that I would
generate from upload.parseRequest(request) would return empty when the
encoding type was "multipart/form-data". A bit of research brought me to
the understanding that request is stream, which is why I was trying to
use MultipartStream instead of DiskFileUpload.

How do I use DiskFileUpload with an encoding of type
"multipart/form-data", since I want to use this class to upload a text
file from my browser to a tomcat server JSP page? An answer would be
great, but hints at how to find out for myself would be good too.

Thanks in advance for your help,

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