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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: [betwixt] - Xml and pojo mismatch attribute question
Date Thu, 10 Jun 2004 20:47:50 GMT
hi dino

being able to specify attributes that do not exist in the corresponding 
class is indeed a feature. you're right that a debugging/testing 
facility would be very useful. i'm very busy right now (there's a lot 
of releases need cutting ASAP) but maybe there are developers out there 
(maybe yourself included) who might fancy a shot at this one. (i'm very 
confident that it'd be an easy feature to add.)

so, the question is: what's the most useful way to add this feature.

am i right in thinking that this is really only a problem when 
developing a mapping (using a dot betwixt file)?

if so, would a standalone tool sound like the best way to implement 
this functionality?

Matthew Inger is keen on developing a graphical tool to help develop 
mappings so maybe this could be integrated as part of that.

there's another bit of functionality that the REFACTORING branch 
betwixt code (which i'm currently merging into HEAD) supports which 
might be useful: schema generation. this would allow users to see the 
xml likely to result from the mapping.

does anyone out there think that:

1 this would be useful to them (if bundled into a tool)?
2 they'd like to volunteer to develop this?

- robert

On 10 Jun 2004, at 19:06, Dino Valente wrote:

> Betwixt allows me to specify attributes that do not
> exist in my corresponding bean class with no error
> messages or exceptions.
> This may be a desired default behavior but how do I
> make the betwixt library tell me that there was a
> mismatch. Better yet prevent it from going on if there
> was a mismatch?
> Dino
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