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From Markus Krogemann <>
Subject [dbcp] limitation on size of varchar in conjunction with sybase?
Date Mon, 14 Jun 2004 12:15:22 GMT
Dear list

I am having trouble with a PoolingDriver implementation in conjunction 
with sybase (ASE 12.5, jconnect 5.5) and dbcp 1.1.
I know that in order to successfully read varchars with lengths greater 
than 255, i need to set a property in the jconnect driver like this:


This works ok when i don't use a db pool but just a single "hand-made" 

However, when i use a PoolingDriver implementation i can only get 255 
chars from a varchar that contains more than 255 chars. Is there any 
limitation in PoolingDriver that could cause that? I know, it's 
unlikely, but i thought i'd ask before looking much further. Could it be 
that the setVersion call stays without effect in the presence of 

Also: Have other readers had similar problems and - better still - a 

Best regards,

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