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From Steve Fischer <>
Subject Digester: No rules found matching
Date Fri, 04 Jun 2004 16:31:23 GMT

I am new to Digester.   I am using it for a simple application.

I would like digester to halt if the XML file contains unexpected tags 
or attributes.   By unexpected I mean that there is no rule matching 
them.   In other words, the file must only contain XML that conforms to 
my rules.

But, Digester continues past these, and only mentions the problem in the 
log under DEBUG mode.

   - can i make digester stop on a no-rule-found condition?   (if not, 
what is the thinking behind why that is not an option?)
   - or, do i need to define a DTD for my xml and use validation?   If 
so, what errorHandler should I use?


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