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Subject Download of file causes connection breakdown with debugging off
Date Fri, 04 Jun 2004 13:56:40 GMT
Hello everybody,

I found the following problem: 

With my Web-App ( Bea 6.1 / struts ) I wanted (in fact had to :-) download
a not so small file ( about 170k ) from a Microsoft IIS server from a partner
company using NTLM auth. 

When the loglevel was set to debug everything worked fine using the 
authentication as well as the method.getResponseBodyAsStream();. 

As soon as I turned off logging, and the data going over the wire 
was not printed in the logfile, I received only 1-4 IP-Packets 
containing response data, then my machines decreased the receive 
window to 0, and the server doesn't send ( correctly ) any more packages. 
Tested on Linux and Solaris.

I now bypassed the problem by not using the method.getResponseBodyAsStream()
but getting the byte[] instead, and putting it into an appropriate 

What could be the reason for this? When reading the input stream I had 
to do lots of line-based parsing, did i let wait the stream too long, 
means reading too slow? Did anyone else appear such a problem already?

Kind Regards, 
  Ralf Fischer
Ralf Fischer

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