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Subject [DBCP] Example of SharedPooledDataSource with JNDI
Date Tue, 08 Jun 2004 15:45:53 GMT

Where can I find an example of the use of SharedPooledDataSource with

In my attempts at this I get an exception from the JNDI API because
InstanceKeyDataSource (from which SharedPoolDataSource inherits the
implementation of Referenceable) specifies in the getReference() method
InstanceKeyObjectFactory is the factory. However that is an abstract
class and cannot be instantiated by the JNDI API implementation. I
worked around this by extending SharedPoolDataSource to overload
getReference() and SharedPoolDataSourceFactory to overload
isCorrectClass() but that doesn't seem like the correct mechanism. I am
using DriverAdapterCPDS as the connection pool datasource for

A example (with binding to JNDI) would help a lot. I have gone through
all the examples I can find but haven't seen one that actually binds
into the JNDI.


Creighton Malet

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