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From Attila Szegedi <>
Subject Re: [HttpClient] Clarification of documentation regarding connection release
Date Sun, 30 May 2004 14:52:43 GMT
Oleg Kalnichevski <olegk <at>> writes:

> > You got me intrigued. I'll take a look at 3.0. Maybe in 3.0 the developers 
> > reach a point of self-confidence sufficient to change the usage 
> > in the docs?
> > 
> By the time HttpClient 3.0 goes BETA we will certainly revisit this
> issue. 


> Obviously you command a pretty good knowledge of HttpClient 2.0
> internals. 

LOL. In reality, all I know about it is a result of staring at the source code 
for 2-3 hours after my code using HttpClient was reviewed and the reviewer noted 
that it is buggy according to HttpClient docs since I wasn't putting the 
executeMethod() call inside a try block, but rather in front of it :-) 
Anyway, the source was readable enough to find my way around it rather quickly.

Since I could prove that 2.0 code won't actually leak connections even if the 
method call isn't in the guarded block, and since you clearly stated that you 
won't make changes in the future releases that'd mandate it to be inside the 
guarded block, I'm rather satisfied - my code is both correct and futureproof 

> If you had a look at 3.0aplha1 and let us know whether you
> see it as improvement compared to 2.0, it would be greatly appreciated

I'll try to give it few peeks when time allows. I got somewhat hooked :-)


> Oleg

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