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From "Butash, Bob" <>
Subject Question: BeanUtils.copyProperty(Object bean, String name, Object value)
Date Thu, 13 May 2004 14:02:30 GMT
Looking for help, I'm trying to copy a property from an indexed value to an
indexed value.  The snippet of code that I'm trying to do this with is:

BeanUtils.copyProperty(toBean, fieldName + "[" +  i + "]",
Array.get(indexedObject, i));

Now looking at the JavaDoc I do see the warning:
    Does not support destination properties that are indexed, but only an
indexed setter 
    (as opposed to an array setter) is available. 

This warning is not clear to me, not sure what they are trying to say.  I do
notice in the parameter description it states that the name Property name
(can be nested/indexed/mapped/combo).

I'm not getting an error, the property is just skipped, the info in the log
3c, listValue[0], 1)
DEBUG [main] ( -     target type for property 'listValue'
is null, so skipping ths setter

I have the following accessors for the bean in question:

	private List listValues;

	public List getListValues()
		if(listValues == null)
			listValues = new ArrayList();
		return listValues;

	public Object getListValue(int index)
		return getListValues().get(index);

	public void setListValues(List list)
		listValues = list;

	public void setListValue(int index, Object object)
		getListValues().add(index, object);

Am I calling this method incorrectly for an indexed field?  Does this method
not support indexed fields at all???

Any help would be greatly appreciated....Thanks

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