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From Daniel Perez <>
Subject [dbcp] Pool goes crazy
Date Thu, 13 May 2004 08:16:38 GMT

I've been successfuly using dbcp as connection pool for a year more or 
less, on Solaris, JDK 1.4.2 and Tomcat 4.x, against an Oracle 8i database.

Some weeks ago, since we changed to Tomcat 5.x,  we've experienced only 
a pair of times a weird behaviour: the pool of connections  becomes 
bigger and bigger until Oracle connections (150) are exhausted. We have 
between 30 and 50 connections (20 from pool, the others are dedicated 
connections), so achieve the 150 limit is impossible under normal 
conditions. It seems like the pool asks for more connections... Below 
you can see my config (I've avoided user, password and url params).

<ResourceParams name="jdbc/racoPool">
    <value>select count(1) from dual</value>

Have someone else experienced this behaviour? Thanks in advance,

Dani P.

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