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From Geoffrey Arnold <>
Subject Re: [Jelly] Tag attributes corresponding to arrays
Date Tue, 11 May 2004 19:48:22 GMT
Geoffrey Arnold wrote:

> I am putting together a patch containing all of the necessary changes 
> to Jelly and its tag libraries, including the compatibility Converter 
> implementation I mentioned in a previous email.  I will post it to the 
> list ASAP.

Attached is a diff (@see commons-jelly.diff) containing changes to Jelly 
classes and Jelly tag library classes in order to enable proper 
String->Array conversions for XML attributes.  Also attached is a sample 
Converter class (@see which can be 
used to simulate the current conversion behavior for backwards 
compatibility with existing code.  To enable the compatibility 
converter, invoke the following line of code *before* running your Jelly 

       new StrutsStyleStringArrayConverter(),String[].class

Please note that the diff also updates the version of the 
commons-beanutils library in jelly-tags/tag-project.xml to release 1.6.1 
in order to fix a bug 
( in the 
BeanUtils.copyProperty(Object,String,Object) method.

Hope this helps.

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