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From George Papastamatopoulos <>
Subject [betwixt] WrapCollectionsInElement ignored when element is specified in .betwixt file
Date Wed, 05 May 2004 06:10:24 GMT

Im having some troubles that hopefully someone can help me with.  I have 
a bean that I'm converting to xml, but want to control the order of the 
xml elements, and their names, so I've defined a .betwixt file to do this.

  public List getMyElements()
     return elements;

 <element name="newNames" property="myElements"/>

Problem is, that when I specify the property as an element, betwixt 
doesn't wrap the collection in a containing element, even though I've 
specfied the wrapCollectionsInElement property to be true, but rather 
renders each individual element as "<newNames .../>".  When I remove the 
reference from the betwixt file, I get what I'm after (elements, wrapped 
in a containing element).


Is this expected behaviour?  Am I missing something?  Am Im able to 
define elements in the betwixt file and still get the behaviour I'm after. 

Thanks for listening.

George Papastamatopoulos

Lawlex Compliance Solutions
+61 3 9278 1182

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