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Subject RE: [HttpClient] - Digest Authentication
Date Wed, 19 May 2004 13:23:04 GMT
HttpClient currently cannot be configured to reuse the Digest authorization
headers. What _may_ be possible is to copy the authorization header from
a successfully executed method and manually add it to all the subsequent
methods. There is a catch, though. Having detected the presence of manually
set authorization header HttpClient will step back and will not try to intervene
should the authentication process fail. That means that you will also have
to provide the recovery mechanism for authentication failures. Actually it
may be as simple retrying the request without the cached authorization header.
This said, from there on the authentication process will be the responsibility
of your code, not that of HttpClient

Just released HttpClient 3.0 alpha1 features a completely rewritten authentication
framework with quite a few enhancements. Feel free to take it for a spin
and let us know your thoughts. Note, it is still an early ALPHA code


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>From: "Steve Hayes" <>
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>Subject: [HttpClient] - Digest Authentication
>Date: Wed, 19 May 2004 13:30:35 +0100
>I am using HttpClient to talk to a server using digest authentication.
>The server in question only changes the nonce value every fifteen minutes
>so. This 
>is apparently to increase the performance by clients re-using digest
>requests and 
>being authorized immediately, only being challenged when the nonce changes.
>My question is, does anyone know if HttpClient can be configured to re-use
>its digest 
>request information, and if so, how ?
>Steve Hayes
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