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From Scott Nesbitt <>
Subject Re: fileUpload redirect problem
Date Thu, 29 Apr 2004 20:32:29 GMT
Martin Cooper <martinc <at>> writes:

> "Scott Nesbitt" <scottnesbitt <at>> wrote in message
> news:20040421134238.65564.qmail <at>
> >
> > I am just trying to upload a file using Struts and
> > redirect at the end of the upload.  I asked the same
> > question in the struts users group but got no
> > suggestions.
> Odd. I posted a reply on the Struts list, but it seems it never showed up.
> Anyway, the point to note here is that it's not legal, per the HTTP spec, to
> redirect a POST request, so that is probably what's tripping you up.

I am not _trying_ to redirect an HTTP post request, I am using the Struts 1.1
file upload example code.  It works from the war file, but fails when I
integrate it into the full app.  No changes to .jsp or java code, only tweaks to
the struts-config.xml file and the like.

Is there some secret to this?  Why does it behave diffently?

Thanks for any ideas,


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