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From "Inger, Matthew" <>
Subject [Velocity-DVSL] Adding directives to DVSL
Date Wed, 28 Apr 2004 15:18:54 GMT
Can anyone tell me how to add a directive which will be available to dvsl?

I have created a directive named "redirect", which serves the same function
as the Xalan redirect extension.  It will allow you to send the contents of
enclosed block to a specific file.  This is useful when generating multiple
from the same XML file, such as when generating HTML with frames.

However, I am having difficulty plugging in the attribute.  I have tried the
<velconfig name="userdirective" value="RedirectDirective" />
under the <dvsl> element with no luck.  I keep getting the following error:

org.apache.velocity.exception.ParseErrorException: Encountered "#end\r\n" at
line 23, column 1.

with this dvsl fragment:

#match ( "html" )
   #redirect ( "$attrib.path" )

Any help would be appreciated.

Matthew Inger
Design Architect
Synygy, Inc
610-664-7433 x7770

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