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From Guy Katz <>
Subject RE: commons-logging in J2EE environment
Date Thu, 15 Apr 2004 09:29:16 GMT
hi and thanks for the reply.
actually, i think there is a difference between using a package such as
commons-logging and the specific log system API.
for example, with log4j i can use the DOMConfigurator to explicitly load (in
code) a configuration file of my own. in the common-logging package this API
is hidden from the user so the flexibility is more limited.
JBoss app server seems to use the commons-logging package also. which is
nice but than, like i said, every file i configure (or use a default file)
will be shared by my app and the JBoss.
i cant see any workaround here so i will have to settle for sharing

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From: robert burrell donkin []
Sent: Wednesday, April 14, 2004 11:25 PM
To: Jakarta Commons Users List
Subject: Re: commons-logging in J2EE environment

hi guy

commons-logging doesn't really configure the logging system (log4j in 
this case), the commons-logging configuration just chooses the logging 
system to be used. therefore, i think that the log4j configuration 
should be transparent (in other words, the same whether you call log4j 
directly or through commons-logging).

i hope that this answers your question.

- robert

On 14 Apr 2004, at 17:41, Guy Katz wrote:

> hi all;
> I just recently started working with the common-logging.
> I am using JBOSS app server.
> it seems I have 2 choices configuring my logging mechanism for my
> application:
> 1. adding my configuration to the log4j.xml already existing in the 
> directory.
> 2. put a system property with the -Dlog4j... with my file name and than
> loose the JBOSS configuration (or add it to my file)
> both method dont seem very good to me cause i dont want to merge JBoss
> configuration and my configuration.
> I am looking to know if there is a 3rd way which is using 
> common-logging and
> have 2 different log4j.xml files such that my enterprise application 
> will
> use my xml configuration and JBoss will use his.
> can I achieve this?
> i think with log4j i could have used the DOMConfigurator to load my
> configuration as well. did i loose this ability using commons-logging?
> thanks for the help.
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> Allot Communications
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