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From "Antony Paul" <>
Subject [DBCP] PreparedStatements throwing Already closed Exception.
Date Mon, 19 Apr 2004 09:34:48 GMT
Hi all,
    I was using DBCP quite well without any problem. Yesterday I had an idea
to reap the benefit of PreparedStatement pools because 95% of our
application uses PreparedStatements. But to my surprise it is throwing
SQLException("Already closed") in PoolablePreparedStatement when
PreparedStatement pooling is turned on. What is the need of throwing an
exception here against the default behaviour of ordinary PreparedStatements
?. I think this is unwanted as it forces to set a PreparedStatement to null
on closing and in the finally block again check it for null when the same
prepared statement is used. Or is there anything as not use same
PreparedStatement for another sql statement ?. If so please document it in
the configuration section and API of DBCP.

Antony Paul

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