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From "Jaime Garza" <>
Subject RE: MutableDynaClass question
Date Fri, 30 Apr 2004 00:02:58 GMT
I have had to modify the ResultSetDynaClass and move it to one of my own
packages.  What I did is to make use of aliases in my SQL queries (as
FooBar statements all over), and make sure that the ResultSetDynaClass
introspect uses column label instead of column name.  That worked, as
far as I did uppercase = false.  It worked just OK.

- Jaime

-----Original Message-----
From: Marco Mistroni [] 
Sent: Wednesday, April 28, 2004 4:39 AM
Subject: MutableDynaClass question

Hi all,
            I am trying to use some of beanutils package classes for
getting] Data from a database (I plan to use the ResultSetDynaClass as
well as MutableDynaClass . I have Some DTOs to populate and some of the
methods don't match exactly the column name..)
But I read in the APIDOC following
WARNING - No guarantees that this will be in the final APIs ... it's
here primarily to preserve some concepts that were in the original
proposal for further discussion.
So, are there any news about that? If this interface is not going to be
in th final API, is there a way (other Than hardcoding) that I can
populate a DTO from a DynaBean obtained from ResultSetdynaClass where
The column name is different from the DTO method (e.g.  setContactRef
for column contact_ref)?
Thanx in advance and regards

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