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From Julian Legeny <>
Subject Re: [FileUpload] How to get number of uploaded files from the request
Date Tue, 20 Apr 2004 14:18:38 GMT
Thanks for advice. I have another question related to my problem.

Is there possibility to know if ANY file was uploaded (before request
is parsed)?

Thanks in advance,

Martin Cooper wrote:

>I believe you're referring to the FileUpload component, and not the
>FileUtils class within the IO component...
>It is not possible to find out how many uploaded files there are in the
>request before parsing that request, since there is no "summary" information
>provided up front. It is only as the request is parsed that the individual
>items can be identified.
>An alternative approach for you might be to let FileUpload use its default
>repository, or your own default directory, and then move the files to your
>uniquely named directory after the request has been parsed. Note that as
>long as the upload repository and your final directory are on the same
>drive, the files will be moved rather than copied, so the operation is
>Martin Cooper
>"Julian Legeny" <> wrote in message
>>   I would like to get number of uploaded files from the request.
>>   When I use FileUtils I need to set up RepositoryPath before request
>>is parsed.
>>I'm generating unique directory (repository path) where the files will
>>be uploaded to.
>>But when there are no files uploaded but multipart-content is sent, the
>>directory is
>>always cretated and i need to delete it (it is bootless operation).
>>My question is, if there is possibility to find out number of uploaded
>>files before
>>upload.parseRequest(hsrqRequest) is called. In this case I can skip to
>>of RepositoryPath.
>>Thanks for advice,
>>------------------------------- Code example
>>// there is generated and created unique repository path
>>String strRepositoryPath = generateRepositoryPath();
>>// Create a new file upload handler
>>upload = new DiskFileUpload();
>>// setting of the repository path
>>// Parsing of the request
>>lstRequestParameters = upload.parseRequest(hsrqRequest);
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