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From Scott Nesbitt <>
Subject Re: fileUpload redirect problem
Date Wed, 21 Apr 2004 13:42:38 GMT

I am just trying to upload a file using Struts and
redirect at the end of the upload.  I asked the same
question in the struts users group but got no

I am using just Struts 1.1 and the example upload
code.  I had to tweak it a bit to fit into the way we
use Struts, so I guess I could have introduced an

Relatedly, does anyone else have a problems searching
the apache mail archives?  I cannot get it to return
any hits after about May 2003.

Thanks for any ideas or tips,

Scott Nesbitt


I'm a bit puzzled as to what you're actually doing.
You appear to be using
Struts, in which case Struts should be doing all of
the file upload handling
for you. If you're trying to use the FileUpload
component yourself, in
addition to wha Struts is doing, then that could
certainly lead to your

The error you are seeing looks like it's probably
related to the request
already having been consumed, which would happen if
FileUpload tried to
parse it more than once, or you tried to chain Struts

If you're not using FileUpload directly, and only
using it via Struts, then
you might have more luck with your questions on the
Struts user list rather
than here.

Martin Cooper

"Scott Nesbitt" <> wrote in
> I am trying to run the example file upload code in
> WebLogic 8.1.2, but am getting an error.
> All is fine until I try to return from the upload
> action class. I do a
> return mapping.findForward("Success");
> Which should send it back through struts to where
> is present:
> <forward name="Success"
>  path="/html/upload-success.jsp" />
> Sadly, the jsp is never invoked.  Instead, I get
> 13:07:17,653 [ExecuteThread: '199' for queue:
> 'default'] DEBUG action.RequestProcessor  -
> <Apr 19, 2004 1:07:17 PM EDT> <Error> <HTTP>
> <BEA-101018>
> Servlet failed with ServletException
> javax.servlet.ServletException: Original request not
> available
>         at
> A google search on "Original request not available"
> returns almost nothing.
> Any suggestions?  I am running the latest released
> code.
> Thanks
> Scott Nesbitt

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