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From "Aristos Stavrou" <>
Subject [Digester] Help please
Date Tue, 20 Apr 2004 14:30:16 GMT
Could you please help me on the following problem?

If I have an xml file containing the following element:
    <author name="....">
        <address> ... </address>

and I have the following class defined for author element:

public class Author{
  private string name;
  private string address;

  public setName(name){;
  public getName(){
  public setAddress(addr){
  public getAddress(){
   return this.address;


how do I say digester parser to set the "name" property of the stack top
object equal to the value of the "name" attribute of the author element.
I have tried:
addSetProperty(*/author, "name", "name");
but it doesn?t work. Is this the right rule?

Thanks in advance,

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