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From Simon Raess <>
Subject [CLI] Current Status
Date Sun, 21 Mar 2004 19:40:18 GMT

I've been using commons-cli version 1.0 for some time. Now I'd like to 
use some advanced features. I've seen that the current development 
branch (RESEARCH_CLI_2_ROXSPRING) has some advanced features. I have a 
tool that has a similar command line structure as CVS, Subversion, ... 
I've read in the mailing list archives that there were some discussions 
concerning these type of command line structures.

I was looking around for some documentation but the documentation seems 
to be still about CLI 1.0. So my question, is there some documentation 
about the latest CLI around? If not, are there some examples (code 
snippets, open-source projects, ...) how to use it?


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