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From Paul Libbrecht <>
Subject Re: [jelly] parent and child tags
Date Mon, 08 Mar 2004 21:12:12 GMT
On 8-Mar-04, at 20:08 Uhr, Volkmann, Mark wrote:
> Parent tag objects cannot, in their doTag method, locate their child 
> tag
> objects and invoke methods on them to "pull" data up.  I'm really 
> hoping,
> I'm wrong about this.


I think Daryl is right about the children: your taglib (you may have 
missed that one can define a taglibrary that produces each of the tags, 
they can all be the same class). They can then quietly call their 
parent methods.
I think this is actually the way it is done in the ant tag-library and 
probably even in ant itself.
Think about the fileset children of a jar ant task and you can probably 
get this easily.

In general, it's an important design-decision in jelly to let the 
children do the processing and not let the parents do it: that was I 
can use <j:forEach> inside <ant:jar> and many other mix-matching which 
makes the delicious character of jelly.

> Tags in a Jelly script that are not mapped to a class with 
> <define:jellybean
> .../> are ignored.

This is wrong. They are passed through  as static XML which is very 
very very different. It may not yet be the case, but it is planned that 
taglibs should not pass-through the XML content if they don't find 
their element. This way, only the elements of namespaces that are not 
registred will actually produce this effect (which is often caused by a 
typo in the element-name).


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