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From Dirk Verbeeck <>
Subject Re: Question on using commons classes for connection pooling
Date Sun, 21 Mar 2004 15:45:03 GMT
See inline

Rob wrote:
> Hi Dirk,
> Thanks!  That helps - in fact it's working great.  Is it possible to set the
> pool on the fly?  When I try to get the configurable connectionPool object
> like so ...
> 	GenericObjectPool connectionPool = driver.getPool("3gs-user-pool");
> I get
> 	java:151: incompatible types
> Even if I don't configure it on they fly, I'd like to get more information
> on the pool statistics.

Normally a cast should be enough to make it work:
GenericObjectPool connectionPool =
	(GenericObjectPool) driver.getPool("3gs-user-pool");

> This has been very helpful, but the way.  Do you mind if I ask if you work
> for apache, or are you with an independant company and you just monitory the
> email list?  It's really great to have this resource. 
You can say I "work" for Apache because I'm committer and PMC member.

But Apache is a volunteer-based organization, nobody gets paid by The 
Apache Foundation. So I work for an independant company where I try to 
use, promote and enhance Apache software. But I also invest some of my 
own free time to maintain the projects/components I'm interested in.

> I thought I might
> even answer a question for someone else but several people had already done
> it.
That is what we hope for, to build a community of developers and users 
around the software we make. So you are welcome to get involved: 
answer questions, improve the documentation/example, submit patches...
That's the Apache way.


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