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From George Armhold <>
Subject Re: [HttpClient] GetMethod.getResponseBody().available() for download estimation?
Date Tue, 02 Mar 2004 12:20:33 GMT
Well I've been able to get a ProgressMonitorInputStream working with
GetMethod.  I can now get a ProgressMonitor to pop up for my
downloads.  I've had to wrap the InputStream returned from
getResponseBodyAsStream() with a FilterInputStream that returns the
contentLength for available().  I also had to extend GetMethod to make
getResponseContentLength() public.  Why is it protected??  This is
kind of ugly, but it works.

  * supply a hard-coded value for available() method.
class FixedInputStream extends FilterInputStream {
   private int contentLength;

   public FixedInputStream(InputStream is,
			  int contentLength) {
     this.contentLength = contentLength;

   public int available() throws IOException {
     return contentLength;

  * expose protected method getResponseContentLength.
class FixedGetMethod extends GetMethod {

   public FixedGetMethod(String url) {

   public int getResponseContentLength() {
     return super.getResponseContentLength();

George Armhold
Rutgers University
eLearning Grant, DCIS

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