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From "toni price" <>
Subject [Logging] Turn off HttpClient Wire logging with log4j
Date Wed, 03 Mar 2004 07:11:03 GMT
I'm using log4j in a fairly standard setup (log4j.xml config file). No matter what I try to
do nothing will persuade the wire logger to stop logging at DEBUG level (apart from setting
the root logger's level to WARN - which I don't want to do for other reasons). I've not managed
to find any info that's helped in the mailing list archives.

My log4j XML configuration file contains the following:
  <logger name="org.apache.commons.httpclient">
    <level value="WARN"/>
and the root logger is set to DEBUG level.

This works fine for all the org.apache.commons.httpclient package members except org.apache.commons.httpclient.Wire.
I'm by no means an expert on log4j - but it seems like the wire logger is using a separate
logging repository (or something) that makes it ignore this WARN directive and instead use
the default root level.

I've looked at commons-httpclient-2.0/docs/logging.html but that doesn't really help - unless
I'm missing something it just tells you how to turn wire logging ON (not to turn it OFF when
it seems to be on by default ...).

Thanks very much for any advice

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