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From Jorge Morales Pou <>
Subject Re[2]: [HttpClient] Trying to obtain a realm to send the correct authentication
Date Thu, 04 Mar 2004 08:29:21 GMT

  Something strange is happening to me. I packetsniff a normal request
  through the browser, and off-course everything goes fine, but when i
  try to do a connection through httpclient to a protected resource I
  donŽt get the 401 HTTP header, even more, I donŽt get any hHTTP
  header at all in the response. Can it be a server problem?
  I donŽt think it has anything to do with the server, but itŽs so
  weird that I can`t understand anything?

  Can anybody throw a light on this?

----- [ El 03/03/2004 dijo: ] ----------->
> Hi Jorge,

> There are a couple of options here.

> 1) use a null realm in setCredentials().  This will cause the 
> credentials to match for all realms on the given host.
> 2) Manually parse the returned 'WWW-Authenticate' header for the realm.

> #2 is definitely a hack.  This problem is being worked on for the next
> major HttpClient release (probably 3.0).

> Mike

> Jorge Morales Pou wrote:

>> Hi,
>>   I have a web-application protected by an ISAPI filter. For loggin
>>   off users we have implemented a varying realm system, where the
>>   realm changes from time to time, thus itŽs not always the same.
>>   We want to access some protected resources from Java, but we dontŽt
>>   have a realm to use in the
>> HttpClient.getState().setCredentials(...)
>>   We want to make a connection to obtain the realm, and then Create
>>   the credentials with these realm, and a UsernamePasswordCredentials,
>>   but donŽt know how to do it.
>>   Is it posible to open a connection, and from the 401 response read
>>   the realm to use it further?
>>   Thanks from Spain.
>> Saludos,
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