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From Simon Kitching <>
Subject Re: [Logging] Turn off HttpClient Wire logging with log4j
Date Wed, 03 Mar 2004 07:38:25 GMT
On Wed, 2004-03-03 at 20:11, toni price wrote:

Your diagnosis is pretty much right: 
but it seems like the wire logger is using a separate logging repository

[well, it's just using a category which doesn't happen to follow the
conventional category=classname naming convention].

>>From the Wire class:

class Wire {

    /** Log for any wire messages. */
    private static final Log WIRE_LOG =    

This class is explicitly logging to category "httpclient.wire", not
"org.apache.commons.httpclient.Wire". I don't know why it was done this
way, but it sure looks deliberate so I would advise double-checking the
httpclient docs to see if they explain why. Or ask [httpclient] rather
than [logging].

In the meantime, just use this to configure it:
 <logger name="httpclient.wire">
    <level value="WARN>



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