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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: repository
Date Sun, 15 Feb 2004 19:27:25 GMT
On 12 Feb 2004, at 15:34, Mark R. Diggory wrote:

> Torsten Curdt wrote:
>>> Also note, generally the sandbox is only made available to existing 
>>> Apache Commiters, if you want to submit a project for the Commons 
>>> and you are a Apache Commiter, then you can just create the project 
>>> in the sandbox.
>> only Jakarta Committers or really all Apache Committers?
> I'm not sure, maybe someone reading this is better informed about 
> that. In general there are commons/sandboxs in many of the TLP's and 
> even a "Apache Commons" TLP now.
> So I would suspect that jakarta commons stuff is primarily the arena 
> of jakarta developers, but, if you looked at the membership to groups 
> at apache, you'd find allot of mixing between the groups.


the sandbox is open for the use (upon request) for any apache committer 
who wishes to create an original component for the ASF (in the sense of 
created for the ASF) involving java. all code that has been distributed 
previously (rather than created for the ASF) must go through the 
incubator (even if that incubation is short).

the vision for the incubator is debatable but my personal hope would be 
that for components aiming at the commons sandbox, it should be a short 
process focussed on the legality of the code transfer. some ASF members 
share this opinion, others see the incubator as a future complete 
replacement for the commons sandbox.

the future of each current sandbox components is undecided (at least 
until the time comes for them to leave). some may graduate to the 
commons proper, others may become sub-projects of jakarta or other top 
level projects. some may just quietly become forgotten.

the question of the best home to which a sandbox component should 
graduate is there one that can (and should) be left until it is mature 
enough to leave the sandbox. sandbox components may not have releases 
(wanting a release is a sign that it's time for the component to move 
on to a new home).

- robert

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