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From "Martin Marchetta" <>
Subject Re: Problem uploading big files
Date Wed, 18 Feb 2004 16:02:11 GMT
I have made some tests. I use tcptrace to see the exact stream that the 
browser generates when then submition of the form is made. The logs of 
tcptrace, shows that the stream is generated correctly. I see the http 
headers, the boundary mark, and all the fields, separated bay that boundary 
mark (including the final mark that ends the stream).
In addition to that, I dumped the contents of the InputStream of the 
request, from a jsp to the screen, and I see that the final boundary mark is 
not complete (it only has about the half of it). That´s the problem. 
Apparently, Tomcat truncates the stream. I have this problem with any type 
of file uploaded (txt, pdf, doc, gif, etc) that exceedes some size (about 
I am using Tomcat 4.0.6, because I have a restriction of a Case tool that I 
Does Tomcat have this problem? Anybody knows if it is a known bug? 


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