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From "Pauna, Allen (MED, GEMS-IT)" <>
Subject [daemon] Problem with parameters.
Date Mon, 23 Feb 2004 09:07:25 GMT
Hello group,

I am attempting to run tomcat in a particular JRE. I do not wish to use
the Default JRE defined in SOFTWARE\\JavaSoft\\Java Runtime
Environment\\. I am not sure what the --java parameter needs to
accomplish this. 

>From what I can tell it cannot properly be set. It either wants the path
to the jvm.dll to use or the auto or java. From what I can tell it looks
like passing java causes it to fork an instance of the java.exe and run
that. The catch is that I wish it to fork my java.exe not the default
one in the registry. This is because running the jvm.dll does not work
properly. For some reason if the jvm.dll is called directly then the app
cannot do some file i/o calls. At least this is what I am seeing in my
Tomcat webapp. It cannot load some resources.

Is is it possible to fork an JRE that is not installed in the registry?

What does the --java parameter look like to accomplish that if the JRE
was installed at C:\myenv\j2sdk\jre\bin?

Does the environment variable have to be set in a special way? looks
like with java set java is here as well.

Does ImagePath point to the j2sdk as well as tomcat bootloader?

Allen Pauna


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