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From "Larson, David" <>
Subject FW: bzip compression
Date Tue, 17 Feb 2004 17:50:02 GMT
Henri directed me to this email group.  Can anyone provide some insight on
bzip compression usage for purposes other than writing to a file?  thx...

> Hi Henri,
> I'm was planning on evaluating the use of bzip compression (instead of the
> default java compression algorithms) for purposes of storage in a database.
> So I grabbed your bzip libraries for this purpose.
> The exmpales on the Jakarta website are limited to a usage pattern for
> reading/writing to/from a file.  Is it appropriate to use this API for
> to/from a byte array (for storage in a DB)?
> Got the source from...
> Here's what I'm trying...
> public static ZipObject bZip(Serializable inObj) throws IOException {
>     ByteArrayOutputStream byteOut = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
>     ObjectOutputStream objOut = new ObjectOutputStream(byteOut);
>     objOut.writeObject(inObj);
>     byte[] dataArray = byteOut.toByteArray();
>     int origSize = dataArray.length;
>     ByteArrayOutputStream bZipByteOut = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
>     CBZip2OutputStream bZipOut = new CBZip2OutputStream(bZipByteOut);
>     bZipOut.write(dataArray, 0, dataArray.length);
>     byte[] compressedDataArray = bZipByteOut.toByteArray();
> ...but the output is eratic and can never be decmopressed (but am able to
> to a database).
> Am I doing something foolishly wrong?

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