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From "Dietrich, Harald" <>
Subject RE: [Sql] Status
Date Fri, 27 Feb 2004 11:06:00 GMT
Nice to hear Sql is alive. I have done some tests inbetween and got a
feeling what is working and what not.
For a quite small Hsql database (about 10 tables) I read the JDBC model,
wrote this model to disk, read it again and generated the scripts for Hsql,
McKoi, and Axion. This seems to work quite good, even if I have found one
Next I have used the same scenario with a large database from my company.
Using MSSqlServer I experiences some small flaws reading the model and
generating the scripts, whereas I was not able to read the model from a
Oracle database because of a bug in the JDBC driver(s).
So first I've got some general questions conecerning the target of Sql:

- How is the JDBCModelReader supposed to handle default values? This is a
problem espacially regarding the often used default date. I recognized that
this seems to be handled as pure string.

- The individual SQL types of a database are not handled correctly because
the type mapping is done using the java.sql.Types definitions. I recognized
this when reading from a MSSql database I got complains about the types
"NVARCHAR" and "NTEXT". Is it a target of Sql to handle these types correct
as well or do you suppose to support only pure JDBC features?

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From: matthew.hawthorne []
Sent: Freitag, 27. Februar 2004 08:03
To: Jakarta Commons Users List
Subject: Re: [Sql] Status

>>recently I discovered the SQL project in the sandbox. It's a pretty nice
>>piece of work - although it still seems to be quite error prone.
>>Having a look at the CVS repository it seems to me, that no one is working
>>on this project at the moment. Could you please tell me the status of this

I started using [sql] a few months ago to handle schema creation and 
data population for a
Postgresql database.  It's worked out great and I haven't experienced 
any errors.

I'm the only person to make commits to the project recently, and they 
were all patches submitted
by db.apache comrades (ojb and torque developers, I think)

I've had plans to submit a proposal to move [sql] from the 
jakarta-commons-sandbox to the db-commons
for quite awhile -- I just haven't found the time to make this happen yet.

There is another commiter who is still waiting for his sandbox access, 
Thomas Dudziak, who is going to
be working on [sql] also.

So basically, the project isn't bustling, but it definitely isn't dead. 
  Don't be afraid to use it.  If you find bugs,
please submit them to Bugzilla.  If you have ideas or suggestions, post 

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