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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: Betwixt: Setting up BeanWriter to render a bean property as attribute rather than element
Date Tue, 03 Feb 2004 22:36:56 GMT
hey Sebastian

i have some good news and some less good news:

the good news is that i've added a pluggable strategy for binding 
simple types (primitives at the moment). i hope that you should be able 
to subclass the new SimpleTypeMapper class with something a litte like:

     /** Implementation binds strings to elements but everything else to 
attributes */
     class StringsAsElementsSimpleTypeMapper extends SimpleTypeMapper {

          * Binds strings to elements but everything else to attributes
         public Binding bind(
                             String propertyName,
                             Class propertyType,
                             IntrospectionConfiguration configuration) {
             if (String.class.equals(propertyType)) {
                 return SimpleTypeMapper.Binding.ELEMENT;
             return SimpleTypeMapper.Binding.ATTRIBUTE;


the less good news is that i needed to add it on the refactoring branch 
(since the code involved on CVS HEAD has been refactored on the 
branch). so you'll need to grab the REFACTORING-BRANCH_2004-01-13 
version of the source from cvs and build it yourself (probably using

i may get round to adding some documentation on it but again this will 
be on the branch.

- robert

On 1 Feb 2004, at 22:01, Sebastian wrote:

> robert burrell donkin wrote:
>> hi sebastian
>> this feature is (at the moment) missing from betwixt (but is on the 
>> long list of features that betwixt needs before a proper release). it 
>> should be pretty easy to add. anyone want to volunteer to develop it?
>> - robert
> Hi Robert,
> thanks for your response, at least now I know.
> I already had a look at the sourcecode but I'm lacking the right 
> skills to add this feature to betwixt. So hopefully someone else is 
> able and willing to do so.
> Sebastian
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