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From Tim O'Brien <>
Subject Re: [Digester 1.5] Pattern matching screwed me up
Date Sun, 29 Feb 2004 03:33:38 GMT
Simon Kitching wrote:
> On Sun, 2004-02-29 at 13:11, Martin Kersten wrote:
>>Hi maillist,
>>  after I've tried for hours to get my simple XML shema working 
>>(due to bad documentation if you ask me). I nearly give up.
> Ummm .. you aren't likely to win many friends on this list with comments
> like that. You're asking for help, yet criticising the *volunteers* who
> wrote the software for not putting enough of their *unpaid* time into
> the project?
> I'm not sure why I'm answering this at all...

Bah! Simon, we shouldn't be punishing people for pointing out obvious 
flaws.  Documentation sucks all around Jakarta.  Every single one of us 
could do a better job at that.  Telling people we can't produce quality 
because we are unpaid "volunteers" is just ninny.

Martin, you identification of porr document is on the mark, but if you 
really want a gold star - take a minute to submit a patch for that 
doumentation.  Please?  Don't you want to become one of us, an unpaid 


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