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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: repository
Date Thu, 12 Feb 2004 11:13:01 GMT
>> I haven't found an explicit rule in the commons
>> charter but is this the trail new commons components
>> need to take? ...or usually do?
>> proposal -if accepted-> sandbox -later maybe-> repository
> Yes this is one way of putting it.


>> Does a new component need to exist somewhere else
>> first? Or is a plan good enough?
> No, plan is just fine, a proposal is better.


>> Does the code need to come from an ASF
>> project or just be under ASF license?
> If the code comes from an external project, then my understanding is 
> that it should be relicensed under the apache license by the original 
> author before being added to the cvs tree.


> Also note, generally the sandbox is only made available to existing 
> Apache Commiters, if you want to submit a project for the Commons and 
> you are a Apache Commiter, then you can just create the project in the 
> sandbox.

only Jakarta Committers or really all Apache Committers?

> If your not an Apache Commiter, you need to find an existing Commons or 
> other Apache project to sort of "sponsor" your efforts, read the docs on 
> the Meritocracy and the process of becoming an Apache Developer on the 
> main website. You can not just be voted to become a Commiter in the 
> sandbox.

sure, ok

> Hope this is more informative,

Thanks alot, Mark!


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