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From "Mark R. Diggory" <>
Subject Re: repository
Date Wed, 11 Feb 2004 15:36:00 GMT

Torsten Curdt wrote:

> I haven't found an explicit rule in the commons
> charter but is this the trail new commons components
> need to take? ...or usually do?
> proposal -if accepted-> sandbox -later maybe-> repository

Yes this is one way of putting it.

> Does a new component need to exist somewhere else
> first? Or is a plan good enough?

No, plan is just fine, a proposal is better.

> Does the code need to come from an ASF
> project or just be under ASF license?

If the code comes from an external project, then my understanding is 
that it should be relicensed under the apache license by the original 
author before being added to the cvs tree.

Also note, generally the sandbox is only made available to existing 
Apache Commiters, if you want to submit a project for the Commons and 
you are a Apache Commiter, then you can just create the project in the 

If your not an Apache Commiter, you need to find an existing Commons or 
other Apache project to sort of "sponsor" your efforts, read the docs on 
the Meritocracy and the process of becoming an Apache Developer on the 
main website. You can not just be voted to become a Commiter in the sandbox.

Hope this is more informative,

Mark Diggory
Software Developer
Harvard MIT Data Center

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