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From Allen Servedio <>
Subject Re: [BeanUtils] When will 1.7 be released?
Date Fri, 06 Feb 2004 21:37:46 GMT
Hi Robert,

Thanks again for your reply. I'll do as you suggest.


On 29 Jan 2004, at 13:25, Allen Servedio wrote:

> Hi Robert,
> Thanks for responding (I get this in digest version, so I put your 
> reply below)!
> Actually, I do not need a full release; but I think that the Struts 
> team does.

there is a considerable overlap between the teams. i'd hope that people 
would shout if this really were the case :)

> I was using one of the release candidates with the intention of 
> upgrading when they released 1.1 (which they did). The release 
> candidate used BeanUtils 1.7... BUT, their final 1.1 release uses 
> BeanUtils 1.6.1 (which makes sense, as they want to have all of the 
> released code synced up). I did not realize this until quite a bit 
> later and now I am stuck. I can't go to the released version of Struts 
> 1.1 because I am using BeanUtilsBean, ConvertUtilsBean, and 
> PropertyUtilsBean (which do not exist in BeanUtils 1.6.1).

i'm not sure that i understand you problem. CVS HEAD should be backwards 
compatible with 1.6.1 and so you should be able to drop it in as a 
replacement, shouldn't you?

IMHO (and i can only speak for myself) there are two major factors 
preventing a new beanutils release.

the first is finding someone on the pmc to volunteer to act as a release 
manager. (but this isn't a big problem.)

the second is doing the work required before we can commit to a release. 
there's quite a lot of work to do (both in implementation and design) 
but a shortage of development energy. i'm very glad to see that yoav's 
stepped up. if some more people volunteered to take on some development, 
then we'd probably get a lot closer a lot quicker.

personally speaking, beanutils will not be a high priority until betwixt 
is much closer a release.

- robert

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