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From Brad Cooper <>
Subject FileUpload - Multipart Post Response
Date Tue, 24 Feb 2004 13:54:56 GMT
Good day,
  I'm testing out using the DiskFileUpload class of
the FileUpload component. I'm trying to redirect the
user to a common error page incase the get the
"SizeLimitExceededException" Exception is thrown. I'm
having trouble using a dispatcher to forward the user
to the common error page.

So I went up to the first lines of my doPost method
and tried to forward using a dispatcher and it
wouldn't honor the forward when submitting multipart
data. I then manually went and typed the url into a
browser and submitted a non-multipart form and my page
was redirected.

Why can't i seem to use the response object of the
servlet if I'm submitting multipart form data? Is
there a work around?

Thanks in advance :)

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