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From john tal <>
Subject dbcp Oracle CLOB wierdness
Date Fri, 20 Feb 2004 15:26:44 GMT
I am refitting existing production code to use dbcp
BasicDataSource for connection pooling instead of a
home grown connection pooler.

A big problem has arisen in that running against
Oracle the dbcp.DelegatingResultSet is returning a
clob which getClass().getName() says is an
oracle.sql.CLOB but instanceof does not recognize as

java.sql.Clob sqlClob = rs.getClob( i + 1 );

String temp = sqlClob.getClass().getName();  // is

if(sqlClob instanceof java.sql.Clob)  // is TRUE

if(sqlClob instanceof oracle.sql.CLOB)  // is FALSE
when running with dbcp

This code works without using dbcp.

Any ideas?



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