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From David Evans <>
Subject RE: FileUpload - Mac IE
Date Fri, 13 Feb 2004 00:40:27 GMT
Thanks, I'll tell the user to upgrade their browser.


On Thu, 2004-02-12 at 16:51, Adrian Sutton wrote:
> I'm not sure there's actually a fix, just an idea of how to create one.  I
> don't develop or use FileUpload so I'm not really a good person to talk to
> about this, but I do get all the jakarta-commons bugzilla emails which is
> how I know this stuff.  I've found the email I was thinking of:
> File Upload Not Compatible With IE 5.2.3 MacOS X
> ------- Additional Comments From  2004-02-01 03:28
> -------
> OK, I've finally figured out what's going on here, and it's really bizarre.
> The 
> problem is caused by a strange bug in IE 5.23 for Mac. It seems that, when 
> writing the boundary (as a separator), the browser terminates the line with 
> only an LF character, instead of the CR LF pair - but only sometimes! (When 
> writing headers - either the HTTP headers or the part headers - it always 
> correctly writes out CR LF.)
> In the Ethereal sniffer output attached to this bug report (thanks for that,
> Jesse), we can see that the boundaries are correct until a binary part is 
> uploaded. The boundary following that is incorrect, and the one after that
> is 
> incorrect as well, but after that, it seems to go back to correct
> boundaries. 
> This is a really weird pattern, and I thought it might be a fluke, but it's 
> repeated, in exactly the same manner, the next time a binary part is 
> encountered. How someone managed to code that one up is beyond me!
> I'm very reluctant to change FileUpload to accommodate this, for a couple of
> reasons. Firstly, it's clearly a bug in Mac IE 5.23, so the fix should be in
> that code. Secondly, hacking FileUpload to work around this bug will
> complicate 
> the code quite a bit, and probably cause a performance problem on *all* 
> platforms.
> I'd like to hear from Mac users about (a) how prevalent IE 5.23 is on Macs,
> (b) 
> how recent it is, and (c) whether or not the problem exists in earlier or
> later 
> versions. Also, it would be good if someone could check that a bug report
> has 
> been entered against Mac IE 5.23.
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