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From Tino Schöllhorn <>
Subject VerifyMappingTask proposal
Date Thu, 29 Jan 2004 09:51:57 GMT

yesterday I have had some weird problems using the verfiymappings-task 
which is included in OJB. The problem was that it could not find the 
super-class of my persistent-classes although I provided a correct 
classpath in the attribute verifyClassPath. After the task started it 
stopped with the error: NoClassDefFoundError:

So I had a look at the code and I changed it so that it works for me. I 
just changed its own class-loader so that it uses the parent-ClassLoader 
(probably it is now the ant-ClassLoader). But that works for me.

Now, I suppose others already can use this task correctly - so I propose 
the following changes so it will run as it alread did and also in my way:

- Change of method VerifyMappingsTask.getClassLoader() so that it return 
either the URLClassLoader which has been specified by the attribute 
verifyClassPath or - if the attribute verifyClassPath has been omitted 
it return the parent ClassLoader.

- Change of constructor DBUtility so that it has the following signature:

public DBUtility(String jdbcDriver, String url, String user, String pwd, 
ClassLoader classLoader)

  (It shouldn't use the URLClassLoader anyway, should it?)

I would be really glad if you could change the VerifyMappingTask so I 
can use it as well.


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