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From "Knut Ploder" <>
Subject Re: [PrimitiveCollections] implementations of e.g. org.apache.commons.collections.primitives.LongCollection - I have one to offer
Date Wed, 07 Jan 2004 15:03:31 GMT
sorry if this is a stupid question that is already answerd in some FAQ -
but I just couldn't find the answer;

I do have working code for classes LongSet (a Set of elements of type
long), and LongObjectMap (a Map with keys of type long, values of type
java.lang.Object). they are described in my previous append.
I would like to contribute this code to  jakarta commons-primitives (that
seems the right place, but i may be wrong).

so - what do i have to do?

q: where should i send my code, and how?

q: of course, in order to fit into this project, someone (myself, or some
tool, or some helping soul) has to adapt the code to fit all the standards
of the project:
- coding style (i hope i can keep my indentation... style, but i don't
- documentation (are there any must-have, or must-not (e.g. @author tag,
copyright, ...)
- naming (which package, which class/interface prefix and/or suffix, ...)

q: it makes sense to generate code for all (or some of) the other primitive
types; i'm happy to follow whatever mechanism is in place for this kind of
code-generation (i currently use my editors' change, and save-as,

q: anything else I did not think of at all?

(despite my email address, i am writing this as a private person)

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