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From "Parchuri, Chad" <>
Subject Websphere and fileupload problem -- Error"Stream ended unexpected ly
Date Tue, 27 Jan 2004 21:48:59 GMT
I tried file upload in my local environment NT IE Browser 5.5, Websphere
Studio, which works fine. when I migrarted the code to SUN SOLARIS websphere
4.0 box, IE 5.5. i am getting the following error.

"Stream ended unexpectedly."

i could only upupload a file size of 6K

Any help will be highly appreciated. thanks

Here is the snippet of code, i am using.

			boolean isMultipart =
			// if not, send to message page with the error
				throw new OSNException("Request was
notmultipart, and cannot be uploaded. ", 3, "NO", "N/A");
			// now lets create a handler for the upload request.
			DiskFileUpload upload = new DiskFileUpload();
        	// maximum size that will be stored in memory
        	// the location for saving data that is larger than

			// parse this request by the handler
			// this gives us a list of items from the request
			List items = upload.parseRequest(req);

			// now iterate over this list
			Iterator itr = items.iterator();
	        long formDatalength = 0;
				FileItem item = (FileItem);
					byte[] dataByte = item.get();
					TopicImageImpl topicImageImpl =

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