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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: [betwixt] Collections not set when using .betwixt file
Date Thu, 22 Jan 2004 23:08:28 GMT
On 22 Jan 2004, at 18:13, b p wrote:

> Hi Robert,
> I have not noticed a major problem with performance at this point, but 
> that is partially because I have created my own Introspector.  
> Basically, I created an Introspector that reads a single mapping file 
> that has the equivalent of all the .betwixt files (this allows me to 
> go to and from multiple XML formats by just sending a different 
> mapping file to the Introspector).  As part of processing the mapping 
> file, the XMLBeanInfo's are created and put in the registry.  So I 
> take a one time hit (at startup) to process the entire mapping file 
> and do any reflection that is required, but then every time I read or 
> write something, I already have a fully loaded registry of 
> XMLBeanInfos.  If you are interested in that kind of an Introspector, 
> I have spoken to my employer and I can donate the code (although I 
> don't have it completely stable and tested yet).

that sounds interesting. we'd need to have a signed grant form from 
your employers before we could accept the code but if the legalese 
doesn't frighten you guys, let me know and i'll

> With regards to using a byte code manipulator to generate 
> XMLBeanInfos, that is not something I could work on now (at least not 
> on my employer's time). However, that may change in a few months if we 
> decide to continue with betwixt (so far, so good) and are ready to 
> start looking more closely at performance and optimizations.


> One question I have had is regarding the road map for betwixt.  The 
> last official release (alpha) was quite a while back.   Are there 
> plans for another release in the near future?

that's not an easy question to answer (for various reasons).

the first is the question about whether the code's ready. it's unlikely 
that the branch will be ready to release for a while, realistically a 
month and maybe more. there are a lot more interface changes i'm 
planning and i'm not really willing to release and support code that i 
know is going to be deprecated soon. CVS HEAD is stable and ready for a 
0.x release (which indicates that the code's ok but the interfaces are 
not really stable).

the second question is whether there's a suitable release manager. i'm 
not on the pmc at the moment and so i can't/won't cut releases. there 
are other committers who are (mildly) interested in cutting a release 
for betwixt but it isn't a priority for them. if one of them suddenly 
wanted to cut a 0.5 (from HEAD) i'd probably support them.

so the best answer i can give is probably not soon with a HEAD release 
more likely than the branch. (it is worth remembering that lobbying 
will sometime make a difference to these timescales.)

- robert

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