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From "Heritier Arnaud" <>
Subject [CLI] Mixing optional and required options
Date Fri, 16 Jan 2004 18:43:25 GMT
Hi guys !!

I'm using CLI v 1.0 and have a problem.

In my command line I have some required options.

For example :

command -a aaa -b bbbb

But I want to allow the user to print the help message with the -h flag.

command [-h] -a aaa -b bbbb

The problem is if the user type :

command -h

when I use the parser (PosixParser), it throws a MissingOptionException for the other options
and I can't know that the user want to print the help message.

Have you any ideas to do this ???

How can I know that the user typed an optionnal option when required options are missing ???



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