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From Paul Libbrecht <>
Subject Re: [Jelly] (Swing) Roadmap?
Date Sat, 10 Jan 2004 09:07:56 GMT
To be more precise, the documentation issue of Swing tag-libraries is a 
known issue, namely JELLY-11:
The problem is that using XDoclet for these purposes is a bit too hard 
thus far.
The other issue is a relation to the converters: when a component-tag 
encounters an attribute, it will try to find the setter method having 
at hand the possible converters (which should include data objects like 
Dimension, Color, or Font)... and you need to document this...
The current jellydoc mechanism hasn't managed this.
And I know there are other taglibs that have this problem.


>> In response to your first message, only a fraction of
>> JellySwing's tags are documented in the JavaDocs. Most
>> of the JComponent-based tags are implemented by
>> delegating to factory objects defined within the
>> SwingTagLibrary class. Look at the source for
>> org.apache.commons.jelly.tags.swing.SwingTagLibrary to
>> all of the tags.

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