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From Twan Kogels <>
Subject Re: [Jelly] (Swing) Roadmap?
Date Tue, 06 Jan 2004 11:29:49 GMT
Hello John,

Thanks for the reply, i would be more than happy the get view at your 
framework! It would be nice if you could post a message when you upload it 
to sourceforge, maybe you could also post a message on javalobby's product 
announcements, that's a nice place to get a global look of java related 
releases (most small, but sometimes quite interesting).


At 04:28 06-1-2004, you wrote:
>Hi Twan,
>I am currently working on a GUI project called TS Client which I will post 
>on Source Forge within a week or 2.
>This GUI project is not based on Jelly, but has some features that may 
>save some hours coding.
>The system is has a MVC pattern with the following features:
>- 100% Java using Swing and McKoi as database server
>- System can run in server mode and in embedded mode, like for example MS 
>- Generic controller handles 90% of all database queries
>- Specific controller for join queries
>- GenericTableModel is used for all tables
>         This saves a lot of manual coding as it can be re-used for all 
> tables.
>         Has complete separation of colums shown and data stored in table.
>- Forms have Search > Table > Form structure consistently throughout the 
>         Creating new forms takes a few hours including testing.
>- Jakarta DBCP for connection pooling
>- Jakarta Db Utils for returning resultset as a collection, like Map or List.
>         This keeps clode clean as SQL code is encapsulated in DB Utils.
>With this framework in place creating new forms is fast and easy.
>In virtaully all cases you do not need to write SQL statements as this can 
>be handled by the generic controller.
>Even the specific controller can be turned into generic code using meta data.
>However in this case I prefered speed over abstraction.
>The project does not use XML to generate the view.
>However in how many cases do you want to re-use your GUI view for a web page.
>This looks very unlikely to me as web pages simply have other requirements 
>than GUI forms.
>Just let me know if you are interested and I will post a message when the 
>project is life at Source Forge.
>John Zoetebier
>Web site:
>On Mon, 05 Jan 2004 22:25:47 +0100, Twan Kogels <> wrote:
>>Today i was looking for a framework to make it easier to develop swing 
>>gui's and which seperates the gui from the logic in a swing application. 
>>The swing application will consist of about 90 screens (dialogs and 
>>panels) and may be converted in a couple of years to a webapplication 
>>(that's why seperation of view and logic is quit important).
>>After scanning through Lexor (gpl), SwingML (gpl) and a couple of 
>>projects which did seam quit dead i bumped against jelly-swing. I read 
>>through the javadoc and found that only a subset of the swing library is 
>>Is there a roadmap or a planning for jelly-swing?
>>Twan Kogels
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