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From Twan Kogels <>
Subject [Jelly] (Swing) Roadmap?
Date Mon, 05 Jan 2004 21:25:47 GMT

Today i was looking for a framework to make it easier to develop swing 
gui's and which seperates the gui from the logic in a swing application. 
The swing application will consist of about 90 screens (dialogs and panels) 
and may be converted in a couple of years to a webapplication (that's why 
seperation of view and logic is quit important).

After scanning through Lexor (gpl), SwingML (gpl) and a couple of projects 
which did seam quit dead i bumped against jelly-swing. I read through the 
javadoc and found that only a subset of the swing library is complete.

Is there a roadmap or a planning for jelly-swing?

Twan Kogels

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